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Religious urbanisation and infrastructural lives in African mega-cities

Reports and Working Papers

RUA Research and Policy Briefing Paper


Lagos Team Policy Brief

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RUA International Policy Workshop (Lagos)

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Kinshasa Team Policy Brief (in French)

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Kinshasa Policy Workshop (in French)

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 Working Paper

Urbanisation and Development: A policy review

This policy review summarises key documents relating to urbanisation and development that focus on cities in a global sense or on cities in developing countries, in Africa in particular. It discusses recent reports produced by a range of relevant stakeholders and international organisations such as UN-Habitat, the African Development Bank Group, The United Nations Economic Commission for Africa or the African Growth Initiative. The aim of this working paper is to examine the main policy issues and key discussions in relation to urbanisation and development and assess the extent to which the role played by a wide range of urban actors, in particular religious groups and Faith Based Organisations (FBOs), is taken into consideration. This paper argues that within policy discourse, especially with regards to urbanisation and development in African cities, religious urbanisation lies awkwardly between an example of ‘legitimate’ infrastructural development, urban informalisation, social business-led development and innovative, community-based fundingReligious urbanisation is not a prominent feature of policy narrative but tends to appear as a disruptive or ‘complexifying’ influence.